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R&B Soul Flow

MAR 12
R&B Soul Yoga

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12 March

What is R & B Soul Flow ?

As a firm believer in the transcendence of energy from melodic sounds and lyrics,
Music has always been my medicine. It is safe to say that it serves as food for the mind, body and soul. R&B Soul Flow has something for everyone, whether it’s that 90s feel good Aaliyah, high vibe H.E.R, or some sensual Rotimi.

Step on the mat, reset your mind, body, and soul with our vinyasa-style experience, led by Indian certified Yogi Elesia Small, backed by some of the hottest & most nostalgic R&B jams available.

:But wait, there’s more! After you vibe it out on the mat, grab yourself a ‘Me time mimosa “ to set the tone for the rest of the day.
02/27/2022: R&B Soul Flow: For The Culture
03/12/2022: R&B Soul Flow: Dallas Takeover 


R&B Soul Flow Experience

– Includes decorations
– Live DJ
– Yoga mat rentals
– SmallPerfections merchandise giveaways


– In person vinyasa let experience
– Curated playlist

Customized R&B Soul Flow Experience

– Customize you own experience

1-1 private sessions

– Available upon request